About Us


It all started when…

Smoke Screen Visuals are on a musical mission driven by relentless passion; a mission to reform and rebel against the played out, generic sounds of our modern mainstream music culture. Native to Las Vegas, Nevada, Smoke Screen Visuals are eager and ready to take over the local music scene and beyond. J Boynton and Dustin Turner, two Las Vegas musicians with 20 years of experience in the local scene between them, formed the band in 2018. Michelle Alomar, a newcomer to the local music scene with an insatiable drive and powerhouse vocal, later joined them. With inspiration from indie/electronic artists such as Foster the People, Two Door Cinema Club, and Phantogram, they began developing the image and sound of what eventually became Smoke Screen Visuals. The band has since recorded three debut singles with producer/engineer Rob Katz for release in fall of 2019. They have also made appearances in a number of Vegas performances, including the Game of Tones Showcase and a headlining performance at the Gold Spike Showcase. With a dark, ambient blend of electronic and acoustic elements, powerful vocals and an epic, cinematic sound, Smoke Screen Visuals plan to give listeners an alternative to the stale sounds that are all too common in our music culture today.